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I’m a Christian, writer, speaker, historian, and family guy who’s been “drinking credit union Kool-Aid” since 1999. These areas are some of my passions – but they do not define me. I call myself a “Free Range Thinker” because a life worth living is one that involves thinking without boundaries.

Who puts limits on dreams?

Boundaries, fences, restrictions, etc., they all limit the potential of possibility and narrow or suffocate dreams. Minds need full workouts and ambitions should be free of anchors.

Allow thoughts to roam free.

As a writer (and occasional speaker), I have published books and am actively blogging at 1Glories, a publishing entity I founded upon the realization that I am called better use the gifts of my maker. Through 1Glories, I am personally pursuing and encouraging others to pursue a refining life, on purpose.

Please visit 1Glories.com where you can learn more.

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