I M Chad

Chad gramlingHi there. My name is Chad Gramling and this is…well, my website. I have a blog that features many random ponders, pics and ‘pinions.


Since you’re here, methinks that perhaps you want to know a little bit about me (if not, click here to get out now!).

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What’s with the title?

Well, this is my website. I’m a writer, Christian and family guy. I’ve also been “drinking credit union kool-aid” since 1999. These areas represent some of my passions – but it does not define me. I titled this blog Free Range Thinker because a life worth living is one that involves thinking without boundaries. Who ever heard of putting limits on dreams? Boundaries, fences, restrictions, etc., limit personal potential and narrow or suffocate our dreams. Minds need full workouts and ambitions should be free of anchors. Allow thoughts to roam free.

Okay, now for a little self indulgence.

My life thus far:

    • Born in 1976.
    • Raised in Auburn, Indiana.
    • One brother, a mother and father who passed away in 2002.
    • One : Inky.
    • A graduate of DeKalb High School in 1995.
    • Earned a BS in Corporate English and Communication from Tri-State University (now Trine University) in 1999.
    • Been a passionate advocate and participant of the Credit Union movement since 1999. Employed at 3Rivers.
    • Married Jennifer Quackenbush in 2001. She is now Jennifer Gramling despite my attempt to have us BOTH change our name to Quackling.
    • Three daughters: Daphne, Stella and Amelia.
    • Earned a MA in professional communication from Purdue University in 2004
    • Published a book in 2007 – Baseball in Fort Wayne (IN) (Images of Baseball)
    • I have attended St. Andrew EPC since 1995.

Where (I think) my life is heading:

I don’t have answers, nor do I prented to have them. What I do know is that eveyr day is a gift and a blessing from God. When my book was published in 2007, it represented the achievement of a dream I first dreamt in 1995. My family and the life I live is a whole different dream and one I work daily to preserve. Sometimes keeping the dream is harder than obtaining it! What tomorrow brings, I do not know. But as long as I can keep my field of vision wide open, so then is the rest of the world.

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