Where is The Olympic Luster?

The 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino

Anyone remember when the Olympics meant something? Anyone remember an era when people rooted for their countries to bring home the most gold medals and there were compelling stories of rising above poverty, obstacles, distress, injury and an assortment of challenges to take home Olympic glory?

There was a day when I watched the Olympics with some sort of passion (as much as a twelve-year-old could anyway). But it seems, I no longer have any such sentiment. I really coun’t care any less about the Olympics.

I wonder why that is.

Have I become too disenfranchised by the commercialism of it? Is it because there is little about the Winter Games that I enjoy? (I absolutely loathe figure skating and hockey). I am really not sure, but it almost makes me sad.

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  • They aren’t really amateurs anymore.

  • That is probably a big part of it too.

  • They “aren’t reall amateurs anymore”…that’s a good point.

    When I was growing up, there were maybe 5 channels to choose to watch on TV. The Olympics, when they were going on, was basically one of the choices…today, there are so many channels and alternatives, that it is too easy to not watch.

    Also, every four years was an Olympic year, now with the summer olympics and then winter olympics two years later, they don’t seem as “special”. I dunno, the Olympic year every four years, at least for me, gave it more prestige or something.

    I personally no longer watch tv, and the one tv in the house receives only one channel, and not the affiliate that carries the Olympics, so I am totally out of the loop.

    I do miss being involved and entranced by the stories of the athletes and the Olympic competition though. I was one of those that witnessed “The Miracle” when the US hockey team beat the “Russians”, I saw Mary Lou Retton hit her 10…I remember Nadia Comaniche’s performance and Bruce Jenner.

    Yes, I miss that stuff, but I can honestly say I’m not going out of my way to follow the Olympics today. Hard to say exactly why that is…maybe life just trumps the Olympics.

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