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Perception is Reality: Take Your Green and Shove it

Captain PlanetThere is a widespread perception that we all have to be “green” in order to sustain humanity on planet earth. Businesses are spending lots of green just to be green because some former Vice-President of the United States who may or may not have invented the Internet made a movie and got his butt kissed by a bunch of Hollywood’s finest fakers.

The common perception is that the there’s a giant hole in the Ozone, that the globe is warming and that we’re all going to die unless we quit using hairspray and start driving hybrid vehicles that are seriously lacking in their technologies.

My only question is “Where the hell were all of you back when I was in elementary school getting advice from Captain Planet and learning about the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (3R) concept?

You see, my perception is different. Therefore, my reality is different.

The fact is, Al Gore did not invent the Internet, but due to a poor choice of wording, media types and naysayers twisted his statement into something that was their perception and not the reality.

For the record, he stated in an interview with Wolf Blitzer that:

During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet.

While this is definitely an overstatement, Gore does deserve some credit for the technology’s existence. He was – without a doubt – involved in programs that supported the development. Even Vinton Cerf, the Stanford researcher who sketched a design for the Internet in 1973, suggested that ‘It is entirely fitting that the vice president take some credit for helping to create an environment in which Internet could thrive.’

But what Gore has now done is create a frenzy that is based upon a generational shift to seek something more than materialistic gain. Right now, marketers and writers are trying to find ways to appeal to a youthful generation. This generation – while “it’s all about me” – is one that seeks greater meaning to their lives and lifestyle. And that’s why so many have latched onto this whole “green” concept.

My perception is that global warming is a fallacy. I have no facts to back this up, so don’t ask for them. And I probably won’t believe you if you try to feed me any.

Fact is; my perception is my reality.

Fact is; I was at least partially green before Al Gore made his damn movie. Fact is, my life is one of moderation in many (NOT ALL) areas. And that’s the real answer.

We don’t need to take drastic measures. We don’t have to create a television network that’s recruited some of the en vogue celebrities of the era to pitch their corporate motivated theories and products.

Fact is; we are a society that obsesses over consumption. Our additions to alcohol, caffeine, illegal drugs, shopping, music, eating, etc. are rooted in the fact that we thirst for greater consumption of whatever it is that consumes us. Our hobbies and our interests define us to the point that hey become our identities.

At that point, there’s little chance of escape. Suddenly, we’re known as “the drunkard,” “the Hulk Hoganjunkie,” “the fat guy (or girl).” Even the so-called positive obsessions receive labels that stir negative perceptions. The individual who always seeks to do right is labeled “the Prude” or “the Goodie-Goodie.” The person who smartly manages his or her finances by watching their spending and/or using coupons is labeled as “the Greedy Penny-Pincher” and even the Christian is labeled as – of all things – “the Christian.” I ask you, when did being called a Christian become shameful?

Accept it folks, we’re living in a culture where good is bad and bad is good. It was much easier when Hulk Hogan was a “real American” and not the leader of the New World Order – only to become “the Immortal” Hulk Hogan again. It’s no wonder we’re all confused.

You know why? It’s because, just like the current movement to “go green,” businesses and marketers continually monitor us and our behaviors to see what we are consuming. Surprisingly, it’s not a liquid, a food or even a drug that they are packaging. It’s ideology. They’re taking it and spending a whole lot of time, effort and money to wrap it up nicely and stocking it on the shelves of our souls so they can get us to buy in.

Hulk Hogan NWOThen you’re hooked. Before you know it, you’re wearing 100% chemically untreated cotton clothes and lightly pushing the accelerator of your hybrid with your vegan shoes on your feet so you can go home to cook your organic food (that you paid extra for) and enjoy an evening of watching Planet Green in your eco-friendly house that you paid a ton to produce and then paid some suit to certify that the house was build to green standards. Before you know it, you’ve financed the lives of those who made you believe there was a problem and made you the fool by making you think you could solve it.

Thanks Al Gore. Looks like you have a knack for creating social frenzies.

That’s my perception anyway. Comment and let me know if you’re with me or if you have a different reality.

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